Nickel Intex, Nickel wire NP1,NP2. Никелевая проволока.

21 дек 2016


Тип предложения / Предлагаю продукцию, услугу

«Intex-export» Company produces nickel wire of different marks. We can ship big quantities on a regular basis and at a very competive price.

We offer the following marks of nickel wire:

1. DKRNT -0.025 -KT-NP2

2. DKRNT-0.025-KT-NP1

3. DKRNT-0.025-KT-NP0

Wire marking is done in accordance with GOST 2179-75 «Wire from nickel and siliceous nickel. Technical terms». Chemical composition of DKRNT-0.025-KT-NP2 is 99.80-99.89%; DKRNT-0.025-KT-NP1 – 99.90-99.98%, DKRNT-0.025-KT-NP0 – 99.99%.

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